I am very excited to be launching something completely new and unique called TalkWalks.


TalkWalks is my 1:1 support for pregnant women and mums. They are one hour walking appointments with me in your local park to talk about whatever you need to offload! We can discuss anything you are currently struggling with and plan for the next stage together; leaving you feeling understood and supported. These sessions draw on all my knowledge of the perinatal period and motherhood and include a follow up message with suggestions to help you move forwards.


By holding this space for you in nature I am encouraging you to put your wellbeing first by getting out and walking. 

The sessions are super flexible and meet you wherever you are on your motherhood journey, (whether you're pregnant or somewhere postpartum). Walking and talking with no distractions helps you to stay present and really focus on yourself for the duration of the meeting. 

Walking meetings also break down barriers, as often people feel less self conscious and it can lead to creative solutions to problems as you think 'outside the box' when outside.

Some suggested topics we could discuss that I have experience supporting women with- miscarriage, trouble conceiving, pregnancy, birth planning, postnatal planning, motherhood struggles in general, maternal mental health disorders, birth trauma, changes to relationships, self care, finding yourself again.

Parks I run these sessions in;

  • Crystal Palace Park

  • Spring Park

  • High Elms Country Park

  • Kelsey Park

  • Beckenham Place Park

  • Whytleafe Recreation Ground

  • South Norwood Country Park

  • Keston Ponds

If I can help I will so please give me a shout if there is a topic or park you'd like to discuss/meet at that isn't listed.

*Please note that I am not a therapist and my 1:1 and group support are not a replacement for medical support or advice for anyone diagnosed with PND, PTSD or any other health issue.

Introductory price of

£35 per session

or 2 for £60

To learn a bit more about the benefits of walking meetings watch this fab Ted talk;

Tel: 07789888437

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Bromley based

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