Placenta Encapsulation

In addition to my other services I also offer placenta encapsulation, which I see as another form of support I can give mums postnatally. There are many ways a new mum can benefit from having her placenta encapsulated after birth. From my personal experience of taking placenta capsules this includes; 

  • Increased energy levels

  • Recovery from blood loss

  • Bonding with baby

  • and lastly has been known to boost mood levels.

I work with my clients to decide which form of placenta encapsulation is best for them.


I offer the following-

*Steamed (TCM) capsules £200

*Simple capsules £200

*Placenta print £10

*Cord keepsake £10


For more information about the different remedies and the process see the attached information leaflet from the Placenta Remedies Network below.

I am IPEN trained and a member of the Placenta Remedies Network. I hold certificates in infection control, food safety and hazard analysis. I provide all clients with a safe storage pack and I always follow the correct procedures whilst processing placenta capsules.

I feel truly honoured to be part of such a special time in my clients lives and always collect placentas and deliver placenta capsules myself ensuring you get a personal service. I aim to collect placentas within 12 hours of birth and process your placenta capsules within 24 hours.

Tel: 07789888437

Charlotte Hammond

Bromley based

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