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MumTalk AM

MumTalk AM is a talking support group for mums mental health, it will run on a drop in basis so there is no pressure to attend each time but you will know it is there for you if you need it. The focus will be on YOU and it will be a safe and supportive space to share how you're feeling. As well as free discussion, a different topic will be chosen each time by the mums who attend, for example loneliness, loss of identity, anxiousness etc. The group will run from January 2020 every other Friday morning at St Johns, Eden Park, Beckenham. The group is set up to be non-profit, with a £2 entry charge per family for running costs. Babies are welcome and toys, drinks and biscuits will be supplied.

MumTalk PM

MumTalk PM is the evening version of MumTalk AM. Maybe you work on a Friday, or maybe you want to come to a group without the baby, or maybe you're ready for a more empowering group! Also running fortnightly from January, MumTalk PM will be next level! Leaving our mum guilt at the door, mums will be encouraged to offload what they need to offload to be fully present. We will be celebrating who and where we are in our motherhood journeys at that moment through honest discussion, sharing our parenting wins, making goals and finding joy together in our everyday lives. Spaces will be £8 and must be pre-booked. Venue and time to be confirmed.



Please note that I am not a therapist and my 1:1 and group support are not a replacement for medical support or advice for anyone diagnosed with PND, PTSD or any other health issue.

Tel: 07789888437

Charlotte Hammond

Bromley based

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