February 5, 2020

Dear Uterus,

I know we haven't spoken in a while. I discovered you during my pregnancy, I'd never given you much thought until then. But those few month while practicing Hypnobirthing we connected every night while I listen to my tracks. I discovered about the way you w...

May 29, 2018

Episiotomy, blood loss, exhaustion,
Expecting to feel so happy, so in love,
But feeling numb and none of thee above,
Feeling like you'd been hit by a lorry,
Anxiety taking over, not being able to control the worry.

Water retention, no knees, feet won't go into shoes,

February 1, 2018

Most people will spend £10,000 PLUS on their wedding day, the biggest proportion of that often being on the catering. When I got married three and a half years ago, (when I think the wedding industry was actually a bit cheaper than it is today), we spent at least £4,00...

January 3, 2018

When I decided to start writing a blog I wrote a list of topics I felt passionate enough to talk about, but really I knew there was only one I could start with- miscarriage. Because for me it all started with my miscarriage. That's how my journey with motherhood began...

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