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Hi, I'm Charlotte, I have one daughter Lyla, who was born in December 2015 and a son Dougie who was born in April 2019. I love being a mum but I also acknowledge how hard it can be and I really believe in the power of a good support system. I felt called to become a doula after recovering from postnatal depression at the beginning of 2017 and I have supported a lot of wonderful families during birth and the postnatal period.


After having a very different experience of postnatal depression with Dougie, I feel it is time for MORE...I want to celebrate and help all mums who are finding it hard, by facilitating spaces where mums can talk about their feelings without fear of judgement and be empowered to move forward in their lives feeling supported. I do not see mental illness as a weakness and for me personally the greatest lights have come from my darkest times. But we all need people who 'get it' to be there with us in those dark moments and that's what my group, 1:1 and postnatal support is for.

Assisting in labour

Charlotte was brilliant and exactly what I needed in a doula. My labour was very long and even though she barely slept a wink, she was faithfully assisting me; making sure I stayed hydrated, providing positive affirmation and giving me the attention I needed


- Megan

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Charlotte Hammond

Bromley based

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