Holding space for mums to talk

*Due to COVID-19 I am currently unable to offer in person support. I am offering virtual doula support found here and my peer support group for mums MumTalk is running via Zoom. Get in touch if I can help. You are not alone.*


If you've found me and what I do I'm guessing you're struggling with motherhood in some way. Whatever it is that has bought you here; you are not alone and you are not the only one who feels this way. Welcome! I'm Charlotte and I founded Charlotte's Village. I'm a doula, a mum of two and a postnatal depression warrior.


I honestly believe when we struggle in motherhood it is not our fault! We are missing our village, our support network, our outlet to express our feelings and frustrations and therefore normalise them. So I am offering you two things-  firstly a village, a community, a safe space; to openly talk about what's bothering you and to feel connected, supported, less alone! And secondly personalised support at home, helping you in whatever way will help you get a well deserved break.


Motherhood is often so different to what we thought it would be like, that we can feel like we are 'failing' at it. Through holding this space for you I want to empower you to see that you are far from failing and that you are enough just as you are!  


How am I going to do all this!? 

Click below to find out, I cant wait to meet you!

"Because the truth is this- the first few years of postpartum are going to pull you so far away from who you used to be- and then they're going to put you back together as the person you're meant to become"


January Harshe

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Charlotte Hammond

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